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Oracle Forms Modernization - The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking for Oracle Forms Modernization. Extended support for Oracle Forms and Reports versions 12 ends in 2025. Premier support will end in two years. Here is the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Forms and Reports 12c.

Oracle Information-Driven support

Are you still running a stack to support Forms and Reports based applications? You’re not alone, but the clock is ticking.

The good news is that you have a choice – other than following the prescribed Oracle upgrade path. Morphis has been modernizing Oracle Forms and Reports to a Java or .NET stack for many years. You can get started by clicking the download button below (but keep reading first).

“While we looked at several, there wasn’t another vendor that could execute with the same level of proficiency as Morphis. Their technology was vastly superior to anyone else we considered.”Kari Branjord, senior vice president, strategy and product management, ERP at Ellucian.

Or check out the success we had at Miami-Dade County where both Java and .NET were targeted across the 20+ applications modernized.

“One of the reasons we chose Morphis is because of their flexibility to re-architect to either Java or .NET, and because they have the capability to convert an Oracle database to a SQL Server database. Since we were 100 percent Oracle, this piece was critical. As far as outcomes, the tech guys we work with are phenomenal. They do everything they can to make us successful and we stay with them because we know what they can do.”Sue Camner, Database Manager of Miami-Dade County.

Note that Miami-Dade moved to a SQL Server database but you have the choice of maintaining your database or migrating that too. It’s up to you.

Some of the Miami-Dade applications were modernized by Miami-Dade developers using the Morphis platform with training and support from us. Others were completed jointly, some were delivered entirely by Morphis. If you have developers that you would want to apply to the Oracle forms modernization projects then we can support you. Again it’s your choice.

How do you get started? Fill out this contact form to receive a copy of our Inspector tool. This is a tool that you will run and which will extract meta data on your application that you send back to us for analysis. From there we will provide you with an initial estimate (time and cost) for a 1:1 transformation of your app to a Java or .NET stack (i.e. the same functionality as the source application).

Get Your Copy of Morphis’ Inspector Tool

Further, if you wish to build new functionality into the product as part of the automatic transformation process, we can do that too (but we’d need to quote separately for that). Things like accessibility, responsive design, extensibility, SSO are all routinely built into the automatic transformation process making Morphis even more cost effective and time efficient.

What are you waiting for? Follow this link to get our free tool and no obligation initial estimate.

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