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Star Trek - Application Modernization at Warp Factor 6

When faced with a legacy application in need of modernization, the range of options can appear bewildering. Replace with off-the-shelf software. Just lift-and-shift. Rewrite it. Containerization. MIcroservices are your friend, and on it goes.

Most, if not all, ‘solutions’ come from those with an agenda. Ours does too, but our agenda is doing what’s right for the client and, if it isn’t right, then we say so and walk away. You won’t find a bad reference for Morphis in the market.

So what’s ‘right for the client’ in modernizing their legacy application? A modern language? Re-architecting? Cloud ready? Lowest cost? Fastest delivery time? Lowest risk? All of these? Yes, and that’s exactly what Morphis delivers.

But we see others recommend a rewrite of a legacy application because they have developers on the bench. We find prospective clients who’ve been told they face a 7 year delivery time for their modernization project. How could anything take that long? We’ve found clients who were 5 years in and only part way through their rewrite project, a project we took over and delivered in 2 years from scratch.

One comment I saw recently really resonated. It came from Edmond Lau who pointed out, the challenge is to get your legacy application “as quickly as possible to a state where you’re again making incremental improvement”. Whether you’re a software vendor with paying customers or  providing a service to internal customers or members of the public, this makes a lot of sense. It means you’re minimizing technical debt as quickly as possible and then able to add functionality to satisfy the on-going needs of customers.

The Morphis modernization platform can also be customized to deliver product enhancements as part of the automated transformation process, thereby, further delivering time-to-market benefits.

Back to Star Trek. What is warp factor 6 in the world of Morphis?

The following diagram illustrates some recent projects and the price, delivery time and size of those projects (using LOC as the measure). Missing from the chart is complexity (in the interest of clarity) but high complexity would explain why a smaller project may take longer to deliver than a larger one.

While the largest project shown on the chart is 1.3M LOC, this is only around 20% of the largest project delivered to date by Morphis (in 2 years). The projects listed are a combination of Powerbuilder, Oracle Forms and Cobol (to either of Java or .NET).

Whatever your legacy modernization requirements, Morphis offers you the fastest, most cost effective, lowest risk route to a state where you can start making incremental improvements to your modernized, re-architected application. Want to see where your app would fit on the chart? Contact us and we’ll send you a copy of our assessment tool.

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