Morphis Helps Modernize Leading Oil & Gas Financial Management Solution

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We’re delighted to share the announcement by P2 Energy Solutions of the modernization, but not re-invention, of Qbyte FM the oil and gas industry’s leading financial management solution. Qbyte FM 2.0, originally built in Oracle Forms, was modernized using Morphis’ proprietary platform to a .NET environment and the product now sports a modern UI with full browser functionality. The snazzy … Read More

Does Serverless Spell The End Of Containers?

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Does Serverless Spell The End Of Containers?

Does one thing always mean the end of something else? In the tech world this can be the case, and the inability to innovate can become existential (just ask Netscape or Blockbuster – yeah I know about Dish, AOL and Firefox but you get my drift). According to a recent survey by the UK’s Computing magazine, more than half of … Read More

Morphis Transformer Demonstration (Forms2NET)

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Oracle Forms to .NET Demonstration

The Morphis platform and modernization process uses a three-step approach: Analyze – how is the legacy application constructed? How large is it? How complex? What are the interdependencies between modules? Which modules are most interconnected/complex and therefore present the greatest risk in a modernization project? You can read more on this stage in several posts on Morphis Insights. This example … Read More

Legacy Modernization – Scarier than Halloween?

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Legacy Modernization - Scarier than Halloween?

With Halloween just around the corner and ghouls and scary monsters lurking under your bed and in every dark recess of your bedroom, it seemed like a good time to ponder whether this presents a scarier proposition than the legacy systems lurking in the dark corners of your company? After all, if your trusted advisor is telling you that moving … Read More

Join Us for this Legacy Modernization Webinar

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legacy modernization done right, done fast, without drama

We’ve written extensively about the drivers to modernize legacy applications, the options available to modernize and, above all, why we believe Morphis provides the most complete application modernization solution available on the market today. Join us and our implementation partner, Integritas Solutions, for a webinar on Oct 4th, 2017 at 1pm (EST) to see for yourself why Ellucian and Miami-Dade … Read More

Application Modernization – Warp Factor 6 Mr. Sulu

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Star Trek - Application Modernization at Warp Factor 6

When faced with a legacy application in need of modernization, the range of options can appear bewildering. Replace with off-the-shelf software. Just lift-and-shift. Rewrite it. Containerization. MIcroservices are your friend, and on it goes. Most, if not all, ‘solutions’ come from those with an agenda. Ours does too, but our agenda is doing what’s right for the client and, if … Read More

Microservices, Containers and the Best Option for Modernizing Your Legacy Application

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Microservices: What Can They Do For Your Legacy App?

Much has been written recently about the role of microservices in reducing technical debt and as an approach to modernizing legacy applications, not least in this excellent article by Gene Hughson. My overwhelming question is how many different ways can you put lipstick on a pig? This post explains microservices (briefly), how they relate to containers, how they can be … Read More